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Fundraising is Beautiful: the podcasts

by Christiana Stergiou

Time to share one of my favourite fundraising resources:

Fundraising is Beautiful is a series of podcasts that are music to my ears. Orchestrated by the masterful Jeff Brooks and Steven Screen, Fundraising is Beautiful is a delight to listen to, and filled with brilliant fundraising advice and ideas.

Right now, Steven and Jeff are into the second of their three-part series about “How to tell if your fundraising is good”. Part one was about writing style, part two was about content, and I’m looking forward to part three.

If you’ve got a pod, or a pad, or a plain old computer, check out the Fundraising is Beautiful podcasts as soon as you can. And there are plenty of back issues that are all worth listening to.

No idea what a podcast is? Check out this plain English video by the awesome crew at

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