Lucy Innovation visits Australia this February

by Christiana Stergiou

Innovation expert Lucy Gower will be in Australia this February

This year’s FIA conference on 28 February- 2 March 2012 is daring you to be different. And with a range of speakers flying in from across the globe, and across Australia, to inspire you, there are lots of opportunities to think differently about your fundraising. One of the international speakers is Lucy Gower, who is running several sessions including legacies, storytelling and innovation.

Lucy specialises in training fundraisers to unlock their creative thinking and problem solving skills. She is passionate about innovation and how it can transform organisational and individual performance, and ultimately make a difference to the causes that you fundraise for.

Achieving fundraising targets in the current economic climate is tough. If you always approach your fundraising in the same way, you will only ever get the same results.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Henry Ford

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is the fundraising team who can problem solve creatively, diversify their fundraising, inspire their supporters and focus on implementing ideas that will make the most impact that will raise more funds.

While Lucy is in our hemisphere she is keen to help organsiations think differently and raise more funds. She offers a range of training courses and the course that will make the most impact in a short time is a one-day course for teams of up to 12 fundraisers.

This one-day training will teach you to look at your challenges with an open mind and develop an aptitude for thinking differently. Instead of being stuck with the same results, you will develop new approaches to problem solving and skills for developing strategies that generate funds. At the end of the day individuals and teams will:

  • Have an understanding of how creativity and innovation can improve fundraising performance
  • Be able to focus innovation on the areas that will make the most impact
  • Have generated good ideas and practiced techniques for idea generation
  • Know how to facilitate idea workshops and ensure they deliver better and more effective fundraising ideas
  • Be able to select and develop the ideas with most potential
  • Have increased confidence and skills to pitch and develop new ideas
  • Have tools to develop an innovation culture within their team and organisation for the long-term.

“Lucy inspired our fundraisers and there has been a real shift in thinking and attitude since the training day, which is making a positive difference to our team working and fundraising.” Reuben Steains, Innovation Manager Amnesty

Lucy also offers shorter 3 hour speed innovation workshops for those short on time.

If you are interested in working with Lucy, or want to find out more do get in touch with her or you can follow on Twitter @lucyinnovaiton or see what she has been up to on her blog

And remember, earlybird registrations for the FIA Conference on the Gold Coast close 23 December. Click here for quick and easy online registration.

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